ArtNix interactive are a computer software development company based in Armenia. Our dedicated team of software developers create software solutions to solve your business requirement needs.

Through our software development services we can transform your day to day operations into a streamlined faster and more cost effective process. We develop unique customised bespoke software applications to resolve your business needs. We start by listening and discussing your business challenges at a free consultation meeting. We can then begin to design a software program for your business.

Our skilled software developers can integrate the new software with your current computer program and systems saving you time and money. As well as software development we also provide Web site design, IT Support and maintenance services.

Why Choose ArtNix?

Quality of Work

All team members of ServanTek are committed to high quality of work and this means that all strive to do their job excellent. Most of the projects are long-lasting and add value to the organizational growth.

Focus on Customer Value

ArtNix creates value for its partners. The solutions are carefully selected to meet the needs. Educational training and support is provided for its partners to maximize the return on the investment. Continues updates and upgrades are offered to prolong the life of turn-key-solutions as well as providing security that brings a peace of mind.


ArtNix’s experts are constantly working on researching the latest trends, learning most stable and innovative tools of trade, performing self-evaluations, and developing technological skills and experience needed to deliver the best solutions to its partners that enhances their businesses.

Timely Delivery

ArtNix’s team has clear understanding of the requirement set out by partners and ArtNix’s ability to provide effective Project Management to offer a solution which will meet partner’s requirements, and will provide means of adding value with Projects completed on time.

Outsourcing Model

Our educational training and fluency in English combined with our technical proficiency makes ArtNix an ideal partner for outsourcing. Our combination of localities in the Armenian and the U.S. gives us the ability to leverage high quality labor to meet the needs of U.S. based organizations who are expending internationally in the area of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union markets.

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